Mingo Town Music is happy to welcome Kevin Collins to our family of artists.  Kevin is an Ohio Singer/Songwriter formerly of the band The Lost Revival.   Kevin's debut solo release, "Ohio Town" can be downloaded at https://kevincollins1.bandcamp.com/album/ohio-town


Generally artist biographies are supposed to be written in the third person to insinuate that the subject is important enough to have a neutral party write about himself.  Kevin dispenses with that pretense and just tells you about himself and his music.  


I’m the former leader of a failed band called the Lost Revival (for the record, we were very much not a Christian band despite what the band name may insinuate.) We were together for 7 years and released 3 albums.  We toured a bit and played alongside some top notch bands (Dr. Dog, Youth Group, VHS or Beta, the Von Bondies, blah, blah, blah…) The Lost Revival had a big sound and featured up to 8 members at a time, augmenting my songs into what we called “bastardized Americana.”  We had our ups and downs but in the end we were a group of friends and our breakup was not one born out of disagreements, hard feelings, or big egos, but out of necessity.


After we disbanded I spent some time working on a homegrown (also see “lo-fi,” “unprofessional,” or “I’m a shitty audio engineer with cheap equipment”) folk/country album.  It’s a collection of spare, mainly acoustic songs with direct lyrics about being a professional failure in the wake of the great recession. The songs are all based around my living room piano or my acoustic guitar and feature drums, percussion, bass, melodica, a child’s xylophone, and my voice. My wife Kelly plays her baritone sax on a song, too.  The songs were mastered by Jay Alton.

My album is called Ohio Town.